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Grant Fuhst: Heartache & Other Stories
Literary references mix with fantastical imagery

By Brian Staker

Amid the rush of spectators crowding up and down the halls at Poor Yorick’s open-studio evening, and with the eclectic selection of artists there, Grant Fuhst is one of those artists where people still poke their heads into his studio, duck out quickly and bear a look that says, “What the hell was that?”
Fuhst’s paintings are like an illustration from a disconcerting dream, or a surrealist short story. The acrylics with mixed-media collage elements contain details—such as rich rivulets on the face of the moon—that ingrain themselves into your awareness during sleep, but slowly fade away upon awakening.

Salt Lake City Examiner Article

Such an art show! Salt Lake City Artistic May started with the amazing surrealistic presentation by Grant Fuhst at theContemporary Design & Art Gallery. Friday, May 2 – May 31.

Completeness. It was a little bit late on Friday night, during the reception of Grant Fuhst. Just fast walk, looking at the works of the new art show selected by Mike Melik, makes you conclude: completeness. There are many gifted artists who show excellent color and theme arrangements, but something is missing – completeness of the work, while Grant Fuhst shares the excellence of three points of the artistic talent triangle – color, expression, and completeness. His art makes you feel, think and communicate. Interview

Interview with Grant Fuhst
Featured Artist for October 2004
Interviewed by Rafal HrynkiewiczCongratulations on your nomination for the artist of the month. You are a bit of a mystery person, as I couldn’t find a lot about you, so how about an introduction and some background information for a start?Well, I’ve been creating art ever since I was a kid, mostly just for my own pleasure, although I have done freelance work occasionally. For the past few years I have been making prints of my work and selling them at sci-fi conventions around the country.Do you have any formal artistic training? If so, how important do you think it has been for the development of your art/style and your career?

Salt Lake City Weekly 2010 Arty Awards

Best Familiar Horrors
Grant Fuhst
There’s something oddly familiar about Grant Fuhst’s works—somehow this artist committed to canvas an image pulled right from a surreal dream that sticks to you as you wake up and leaves you shaking your head—like his “The Deathbird,” an homage to a Harlan Ellison short story, where the main figure poses like a bishop from a classical painting but with the face of nightmarish hawk; or “Rocket Girl,” where the half-naked heroine rests against a lunar terrain, staring into the viewer’s eyes.

 Lecture at Southern Utah State University

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah: With dynamic imagination, Grant Fuhst, creates images
that are darkly atmospheric products of an individual mind. Fuhst is a self-taught, mixed-media artist who
will discuss his own artistic journey, focusing on his creative process and dedication to personal vision.